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6 Places in Joburg to find R30 – R50 Magoshas


There are things that people are kind of shy to talk about or ask, but I thought I could shed some light as we know its a popular requirement in South Africa. I thought the list below can help that man out there browsing the internet for a place to find the cheap services. Remember the cheaper they are the higher the risk. Check out 6 Places in Joburg to find R30 – R50 Magoshas


24×7 along Nugget and President street. These are very dirty street magoshas and you can get laid from R30. Also on Polly street near the Market street Junction. There is all sort of magoshas and they take you in the tiny cubicles where business is brisk. At night you will spot them along President street from Junction of Troye street all the way to Nugget Street.

Kempton Park

Around Greyilla, Long and Maxwell streets from around 7 pm till early hours. Beware of police patrols. Rates from R50 for short time. The mahosha/isifebe do not like whole night deals. There is plenty of white street magoshas here.


Along Verona, Bouquette and High streets. The magoshas are littered all over and you cannot miss them. Sometimes they only start appearing after dark on other days even from noon. Rates from R50 and they do give better B-Js and they are more patient even if you do not come quickly. You can also get some willing to give other forms of s.e.x… I am sure you know what I mean.


Some decent magoshas are situated at 206 Bram Fisher. They are expensive but better than other places. If you are on a budget try Tavern bar or The Beer Garden bar. Just make your way to the toilet and voila a ton of half na.ked magoshas will be all over you with offers. The s.e.x area is dingy and you can easily suffocate especially during the summer months. Price is negotiable and starts from R40.

The Garden Beer and the Tavern Bar are both on Hilltop street. In Randburg from the taxi Rank head towards Sandton/Bryanston using Bram Fischer and turn right into Dover Street (Opposite the Shell garage) then turn right into Hilltop street you won’t miss Beer Garden on the right and towards the end of the road is the Tavern. Good-luck.


During the day these working girls can be spotted on Beaconsfield Avenue all the way from Cemetery Road up to Shamrock Avenue. During the night it gets busy with more street magoshas on Rietfontein Road and all the feeder roads. Prices differ from R50 to R150. These are professional and will check if you have money before charging you. You can always bargain and they are pretty good too.


Rex Hotel at the corner of Tom Jones Street and Ampthill Avenue is full of magoshas. These ladies charge R50 per shot. The bar is always full of people having drinks and waiting for their turn to head upstairs with some guy for the right price.

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