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A few activities to help lighten the mood this Lockdown

Video Call

A few activities to help lighten the mood this Lockdown… It’s day 4 of the Coronavirus Lockdown in South Africa and already lots of people are indicating that they are bored.

Some have even decided to go out and this has not ended well with the Army and the Police. So we thought why not give you a few ideas of how you can spend time or rather while up time during this lockdown.

As we all know the impact of this Lockdown will be felt by those who are single or staying alone compared to those with families. So our activities will somewhat be biased to the single guy or lady who has nothing to do during this lockdown period.

Play Games

Playing games online either on your smartphone or Xbox or Play Station might be one way to spend time during this lockdown. Games like Fifa20 that you can play online will surely be helpful this time of year. Candy Crush might also be a hit in this Lockdown though I know lots of people would be stuck especially if they lose lives and have to wait to regain some.

Online Dating

Believe it or not, but this is the time to try online dating for those single men and women. You definitely have the time to try anything now that we are on Lockdown. What is your excuse for not trying out Online Dating? For those sophisticated beings, I recommend Tinder and for everyone else, Badoo will do the trick.


Do you have that idea that you have been willing to share with others but never had the time? Well now, this is the moment to share your ideas with others online through your blog. Start from free blogs like Wix and WordPress and gain some followers. Write and let everyone know what you are thinking about, the good part is you can even show us using videos and pictures.

Chatting and Video Calls

This is probably the cheapest and easiest way to spend time during Lockdown but you have to make sure you are not being a nuisance to others. Video Calls are good but are you ready to look at your crush without any makeup on? Question for the ladies…

Work from Home Jobs

This is the time to look for those online jobs and work from home jobs that people keep advertising. Don’t rush to send money to anyone without full research. Take your time and find that online job to suit you. I suggest answering surveys online.

These are basically some of the activities that can help you this Lockdown Period, feel free to share some of yours with us via comments.