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AKA to work with 10 artists including international ones


After dropping his last album, the Beyonce star is on the prowl for a few fresh collabs and revealed that he’s got a hit list of artists that he’ll be spending the next few weeks chasing down.

So yáll thought AKA was gonna sit around all day and play video games? Nah, fam the Mega says he’s done with that and is now planning to work with 10 artists he’s got his eye on.



Of course, the Mega didn’t spill the tea on the deets, but that didn’t stop social media from speculating over who it might be.

Internationally, AKA has been compared to Kanye West and fellow autotune boss Travis Scott. So some fans suggested that a collab with one of them would be a dream come true.

Locally, Nasty C was a young admirer of the Mega, while fans are still holding out on that dream Cassper and AKA collab that will shake the game to the core and end their bitter feud.


Some were thinking a family reunion…

Source: Times Live


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