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Ayanda Thabethe – Being single in quarantine is eeeeerm…. special

Ayanda Thabethe

The Coronavirus Lockdown and self-quarantine is surely different for all of us. Some people feel its a good time to bond with loved ones while others especially singles its truly a trying time to say the least.

But as for Ayanda Thabethe, being single and in quarantine is eeeeerm…. special, to use her words. The beautiful media personality took to Instagram to express what she thinks about being single and in quarantine.

Ayanda Thabethe

She shared the above picture and had this to say – Being single in quarantine is eeeeerm…. special to say the least. When they say you have no option but to face yourself, they aren’t playing… I’m enjoying some parts and not enjoying other parts so much but I’m seriously grateful for this time, I pray a better version of me is born through getting to know myself better in this period of isolation…Most Important: Alone does not mean lonely! #Lockdown

According to Ayanda, Alone does not mean lonely… But is it true for everyone considering how others are going crazy on social media? Share your thoughts with us via comments.

Earlier Ayanda Thabethe shared a picture and had a heartfelt message… See the picture below and check out the caption.

Ayanda Thabethe
Today my thoughts and prayers go to all the service workers (nurses, doctors, policemen and women, cashiers etc) that have to risk their own lives to help save ours. I pray God’s hand of protection over all of you. May His Wings cover you such that no ill will locate you. Thank you for all that you do for all of us. when they talk about the call of duty this is what they speak of. We appreciate you. •
In this pic: my mom who’s a nurse. Love and strength to you mama ❤️

Special seems an understatement for the words that Ayanda Thabethe shared… Who are you with this Lockdown Period?

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A few activities to help lighten the mood this Lockdown… It’s day 4 of the Coronavirus Lockdown in South Africa and already lots of people are indicating that they are bored.

Some have even decided to go out and this has not ended well with the Army and the Police. So we thought why not give you a few ideas of how you can spend time or rather while up time during this lockdown.

As we all know the impact of this Lockdown will be felt by those who are single or staying alone compared to those with families. So our activities will somewhat be biased to the single guy or lady who has nothing to do during this lockdown period. Read More