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Buhle Samuels doesn’t mind dressing up during Lockdown – Pictures


It feels like a long time ago when we saw actress Buhle Samuels trending on social media after her pictures from Muvhango went Viral. Memories are now just a shadow ever since the curvy actress left the Mzansi Soapie…

But thanks to her Instagram and social media pages, we get to see updates from our favourite actress. One thing is for sure, Buhle Samuels doesn’t mind dressing up this Lockdown even if she is just headed to the living room.

This Coronavirus Lockdown has caused us all to be indoors and some have stopped caring how good they look but not Buhle Samuels. The beautiful curvy actress shared a picture on Instagram and had this to say… “Dressing up for the living room …”

Buhle Samuels

Dressed to Impress, Buhle is not letting this Coronavirus Lockdown hold her down as far as looking Fab is concerned. She can still rock from within her Living Room.

Talking fashion and looking good, here are a few more pictures of Buhle Samuels that we can’t seem to get enough of… Fashion Goals!

Buhle Samuels
A time when the world was a playground and a home to us all

Covid-19 is teaching us that we are one community. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re African, Asian , European or American that your actions don’t affect the greater community, this virus reminds us that you are gravely mistaken if you see things that way! We have a responsibility to each other and to ourselves, to act in the greater good of our immediate and larger community

This virus will bring us to the truth of who we really are

How SELFLESS can we be for the greater good by staying indoors and practicing social distancing

How HONEST we can be without anyone watching, like washing your hands coughing into a closed elbow or tissue. Sanitizing you’re hands before touching common use items in public areas.

How COMMITTED we can be to the hard work it will take for us to over come this pandemic. No forms of wishful thinking will rid us of this virus.

The only thing that will rid us of this virus is SELFLESSNESS HONESTY AND COMMITMENT!


The picture has quite a long caption, but it’s worth the read.

Buhle Samuels
She too fast for you to catch but slow enough for you to see!
Outfit: @teestylish_sa

In Other News – Ayanda Thabethe – Being single in quarantine is eeeeerm…. special

The Coronavirus Lockdown and self-quarantine is surely different for all of us. Some people feel its a good time to bond with loved ones while others especially singles its truly a trying time to say the least.

Refiloe Motsei
Right now I am in Lanai, Hawaii, the most expensive island in the world 🗺, go argue with your quarantine Partner 😂🏝️

But as for Ayanda Thabethe, being single and in quarantine is eeeeerm…. special, to use her words. The beautiful media personality took to Instagram to express what she thinks about being single and in quarantine. Continue Reading