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Cindy Makhathini is the Queen of Lockdown

Cindy Makhathini

Cindy Makhathini is the Queen of Lockdown. The Coronavirus Lockdown has come with many challenges across South Africa and abroad. But one thing is for sure, Cindy Makhathini looks amazing even in lockdown.

With many businesses closed and on lockdown many people and businesses owners are stressed as to how their businesses will survive this pandemic… And so we thought why not lighten the mood with these pictures of Mzansi’s curviest honey.

Forget about business and finance for now and focus on Cindy Makhathini, doesn’t she look amazing despite the fact that we are all on lockdown.

Surely life on this earth will never be the same as the pandemic has caused havoc across the globe… But here are a few curves you can smile about.

Cindy Makhathini
Stay at home guys❤️🙏
Ngiyanithanda Noble❤️😍😊

Tomorrow will never be the same so let us keep hoping that everything will be better and that we will live to see the next days… One picture a day will make this whole lockdown much more bearable.

Keep safe Mzansi and lighten up a hit, here is one more pic to help do that.

Cindy Makhathini
I don’t know what day is it..!🤦🏽‍♀️..and I don’t care🤷🏽‍♀️ ..

Before we wrap this up, here is a video of how Cindy Makhathini will be staying at home… Warning its not for those with no sense of humour…

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I'm.really staying at home from Thursday

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Cindy Makhathini is clearly the queen on lockdown! The best entertainment as of now is either your smartphone or TV. We recommend Ozark season 3 on Netflix and The River on DStv Now, last but not least a few pictures from us and Instagram. Stay safe South Africa