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Dineo Mokoetsi aka Kea from The Queen: I want to show what men do to women


After weeks of build-up, her character was beaten to a pulp this week by her partner, Tebogo (played by Fezile Makhanya), nearly shutting down the internet.

Actress Dineo Moeketsi has been shaking Mzansi with her role as a domestic violence abuse victim called Kea on drama series The QueenShe said she took up the character’s emotional story to show abusers exactly what they are putting their partners through.

Kea khoza

While Twitter users vented their anger and even told Tebogo to call Avbob because it was his death should be coming, Dineo opened up to Metro FM’s Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu about the message she was trying to teach with the story.

“So many people have gone through this, whether we’ve seen it or not. We are living in a society where it abuse is prominent. So, for me, I had to make sure that every second was as true as it could be. I had to show the mother that is in denial that her daughter is being abused. I had to show the monster who is abusing his wife or girlfriend what he is doing (to our women). I had to show the friends who quit on them how real this gets.”

Fezile told TshisaLIVE last month that his character took a toll on him and often led to him feeling emotionally and physically drained.

Fezile Makhanya

“It was very heavy. I have never been an abuser so it was very emotionally draining. I just went home. Showered and passed out. It was all the energy I had. But I took it on because I want to educate people. I have never been an abuser but I want to use this opportunity to teach people about the dangers of abuse. I want people to know that there is a way to escape it,” he said.

On social media, Dineo promised that things would get even more intense over the next few days as Kea and her family come to terms with what has happened.

But truth is, we don’t even know if we’re ready for any more chest pains. Although she wouldn’t spill tea on what exactly is going to happen, Twitter has been speculating about what is going to happen.

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