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New glucose monitoring system for diabetics launched in SA


Dexcom Inc, a leader in glucose monitoring (CGM), announced the South African launch of its Dexcom G6 System for people with diabetes aged two-years-old and up.

Dexcom in a statement said their new CGM system eliminates routine fingersticks for people with diabetes and is nearly one-third smaller than the previous generation.

John Lister, Dexcom’s General Manager for EMEA said: “The Dexcom G6 represents the future of diabetes management. Not only does the product eliminate the need for fingersticks, but it also maintains the performance, connectivity and accuracy that the diabetes community has come to expect from Dexcom CGM.”

Dexcom G6 encompasses new features that empower users to take control of their diabetes.

The device Eliminates fingersticks for calibration or diabetes treatment decisions, has customisable alarms and alerts to warn users and their designated followers of dangerous glucose levels, even while they are asleep and also has an extended 10-day sensor allowing for 43% longer wear than the previous generation Dexcom CGM

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The device has an auto-applicator designed to make sensor insertion very simple and as painless as possible with the touch of a button, continuous glucose readings sent automatically using Bluetooth technology to any compatible smart device, or to a Dexcom receiver, at five-minute intervals and a new sensor membrane that enables Paracetamol use without any effect on glucose readings,” Dexcom said.

Furthermore, with the Dexcom G6 app, users can share their glucose information with up to five people. Whether you are a parent of a child with diabetes or an independent adult, the G6 lets you seamlessly keep track of glucose levels and enables the user’s care team to remotely monitor their loved ones for extra peace of mind.

A professional living with Type 1 diabetes, Ngoy Sina Ngandu said: “I thought I had the flu. I was feeling tired most of the time, constantly thirsty and drinking a lot of water. It felt strange. My vision was becoming blurry and I went to see my doctor who did not pick up what was really wrong. I saw my doctor on a Friday and on Monday I was admitted to a hospital and was told I had experienced Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

“With diabetes, you become your own doctor first. You learn about your condition and understand how your body responds to medication so you are able to manage the condition properly. It is costly physically and emotionally but once you learn to manage your blood sugar, there is nothing stopping you from living a normal life,” Ngoy explained.

When available, a new Dexcom patient can order and current users can upgrade to the Dexcom G6 system, which includes a new G6 transmitter and sensor.

The new touch-screen receiver is optional and can be purchased separately. Users will need the touch-screen receiver or can use a compatible Apple or Android smart device with the G6 app, available separately to download.

Professor David Segal from CDE South Africa, said: “Pain, inconvenience and lack of clarity limit the functionality of SMBG testing. Continuous glucose monitoring opens up a whole new world in diabetes management by giving high-clarity visibility of real-time blood glucose data displaying both rate and direction-of-change.

The ability to see where one’s blood glucose has come from and where it is heading allows for better prospection and also a tighter association between an input variable and a resultant effect on blood glucose.

The Dexcom G6 requires no fingerprick calibration and its accuracy allows one to set and hit targets with more precision thereby facilitating learning and improved real-world outcomes.”

The groundbreaking Dexcom G6 will be available in South Africa later In August

Source: eNCA

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